Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy's Instincts

Oh boy! Where do I begin?! Last night as I walked through the door, I see Anderson cooking dinner so I begin to get the girls settled. We had an evaluation with our therapist which was pretty thorough but we were done in no time! Usually my routine is to get the girls changed into their pj's and take them a shower if its necessary, get their bags ready for day care, etc. Once they are settled I get ready to go to the gym. This has been our routine for almost a year. However, last night I had a feeling that it was best to stay home and just skip the gym for the night

Around 7ish, Anderson's mom shows up. She usually does not arrive around that time but it was good to see her. She went into the kitchen and Anderson offered her some honey candy (which by the way looks exactly like a mint ball). She is holding Adryana and Adryana is at that stage that she wants everything anyone is eating. My mother's instinct came into play and I told Anderson make sure you guys do not give Adryana that candy. So I go into the living room and next thing you know my daughter is choking. I thought I was going to collapse. Anderson grabbed Nana from his mother and began doing what we were taught in the NICU ( since we had to be certified for CPR before we could take the girls home) and turned her over and did his magic. My daughter couldn't cry or anything bc the candy was lodged in her throat. But once I heard a cry I knew she was ok. That's usually lesson 101, if your child is not crying its bc they have no open airway. Crying is good for their lungs, believe it or not. All my Adryana could do was cling on to me. She didn't want grandma nor Daddy but mommy. Why is that? Not just with my daughter but with all babies. The first person they run to is mommy. I know what it is! Its bc momma makes all the pain go away. Momma is what makes bad days seem ok. Momma is the one that makes the cloudy days seem sunny. Poppa is the one who protects and momma nurtures!

I know maybe I shouldn't be writing this but honestly I've never experienced such an incident in where I had no control. I just froze! All I could say was "you guys didn't listen to me". People should always respect a mother's wishes. If your mom tells you no its for a reason. And for me to think my mom was just raining on my parade sometimes, but it was bc she knew. Mothers have that special sense. I call it the most valuable sense. The sense when you know something is wrong with your child. The feeling of knowing something COULD go wrong.

Its def no one's fault but its def a lesson learned! I thank God it all turned out ok. But it just made me hold my daughters a little tighter bc things can wrong in a split second. So there you go, not all these blogs will be happy! But they will be honest! Please hold your children a little tighter today and make sure mother's wishes are ALWAYS respected.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle...and to the Potty We go!

I've discovered that my daughters are very fond of music. That is def. not a surprise to me! My family loves anything that has to do with music. Dancing is our passion. Singing is something my Dad and sister is VERY Good at! Even though me and Angi try our best (which if you ask me we are excellent) But music is all around us. My grandfather (may he rest in peace) was a musician. He played the saxophone. He was really good at it. My Dad sings in the church choir since I can remember. Onix sings everywhere from plays, to church, family events and now for a band called Late Night Car Service and she's awesome! I loved to dance since young. I even went to dance classes when I was a little girl. For some reason dancing is what makes me who I am. It could be anything from hip-hop to techno to ballads. You name it I'll dance it. Anderson loves to play the Guira which mostly alot of Dominicans love to do. LOL When I was pregnant, that is what kept me going. I went through it all but music is what made me see things brighter (corny...I know), but its the truth. So you see, it's no question why my daughters love music.

Addyson had a little fear of teddy bears. She would not touch or even look at a teddy bear. That changed last night. My parents came over for a weekly dinner and they brought the girls a teddy bear which is a "Mexican chihuahua" lol. The teddy has a pancho and sombrero and sings a song in Spanish and English. Well my darling Addyson loved the song! It said something to the effect "Mamacita, adonde esta Santa Claus...lallala". It is too cute. So since my daughter loves dancing it became her best friend and she would dance every time she touched the teddy and it sang. Now if you see my 1 year old daughter she moves her hips more than a Hawaiian Dancer. LOL. She moves from side to side with RHYTHM. Let's just say she loves her Chihuahua and no longer fears teddy bears! Yay for Addy! LOL

Adryana on the other hand is my singer! Boy do we have a run for our money. She sings EVERYTHING!!! But what amazed me was this morning. As I'm getting her ready she starts humming twinkle twinkle little star. She tries to say the words as much as she can. But its so amazing how my one year old knows the tune to twinkle twinkle little star. I always say this but sometimes she just reminds me too much of Onix. I swear that's Onix's daughter ...LOL (which is a great thing).

So even though my daughters do not look nothing like me, they have my personality. They love to sing and dance and make everyone happy (well sometimes I try that).

What's even more exciting news? Wait for it............ the sitter will begin potty training with Adryana today!!! Hooray!!!! My girls are growing and never understood why my mom would say not to rush growing up. I just thought it was because that what moms do. But maybe just maybe she just wanted me to be her little girl forever, which is what I'm feeling now and they are only one! Yes, I'm dramatic...I know!!

Until next time!!!



Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

I wanted this Halloween to be special!!! Last year the girls were too small to understand. This year was the year they would know just a little about dressing up!

We had a family party at my parents' house! O boy did we have fun! While I was decorating all you can see is how my girls' eye lit up to all the decorations. Once we were getting them dressed, they just loved it. Although I must say they were a little frightened with all the scary masks but that didn't stop them!!!! They got tons of candy, ate tons of cake and cookies, and absolutely loved being in everyone's arms.



I thought Halloween was the best when I was a little girl. However, the most rewarding Halloween is when you are a parent. Just looking at your child's happy face is what makes Halloween worthwhile. I'm glad I have the opportunity of spending Halloween with my beautiful daughters!!! Because not many parents do.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 17th Months!! (Delayed)

Addyson and Adryana,

You are now 17 months old!!!!! Wow how times flies!!! Addyson you weigh around 15 pounds and Adryana about 22 pounds! You got your first haircut on September 24th by your Grandma Ines!!! You both love the kitchen and are very quick to run away from mommy and daddy when you do something wrong. Typical! lol

Addy you have started standing and walking around supported throughout the house, thanks to your recent babysitter Nilsa! You are still dancing "Pepe Pepe Pepe" all day!!!!!! You love the song "La Bamba". You now know how to give people kisses. You have started to love looking at your books instead of watching TV! We have noticed you love Carne and Onion Rings!!! But most of all you have unleashed the rebel in you!!! You have a strong character that I'm sure no one would want to mess with that!! LOL I love you Addy!!!

Nana you have started to WALK!!!!!!! Yes, we said it!! WALK!! You started walking on September 23rd!!!!! You were with Mama Carmen and Tata that night for our weekly Wednesday dinner and you started walking!!!! How amazing is that!!! You give kisses all the time! The other night daddy was sleeping and you just walked right up to him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. You say "cheese" while taking pictures! You dance with your sister all the time. You call "addy" whenever you don't see her!! You love "poppa" (tyler) a whole lot. You keep wanting to take away his pacifier though!!! lol Most of all you love to sing!!! You know all the songs to the Noggin channel!!! I can always hear you singing from your room! too cute! sometimes I think you are so much like your Nina!!!! Love you nana!!!

My beautiful girls!! You are growing more and more each day! But please don't grow too fast! Even though, thats what will happen!!!! Thanks for being the best daughters a mommy can ask for!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I tend to forget why I really started my blog. For the girls? Since they are growing every minute of the day. Or for me? How I handle being a mom of twin girls. ITS BOTH!!! This summer flew by right before my eyes. I do have pictures to share but not right now.

Right now, my mind is all over the place. We had a great sitter to our girls who quit on us on Friday with no warning whatsoever. So you could just imagine what we are facing at this present moment. We are use to our girls being home with someone who has their best interest at heart and right now its difficult to find someone like that. At this present moment the girls are with their grandmother Ines and I'm just breaking my mind what to do next. Who will take care of my girls? Will they care for my girls ok? Will that person have their best interest at heart? These are things a working mom has to face. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury of staying at home with my girls, but I really don't. But one day I will. All I can do is cling on to that glimmer of hope.

I interviewed someone last night and even though she seemed nice, something in my heart told me otherwise. I do not if it's because it is a risk I have to take or just plain old mommy instincts. You hear stories everywhere about babysitting and yes nanny cams would be my best option but until what extent? I would just drive myself crazy. Everyone tells me everything will be okay. Trust me, I will give any day as today instead of them being worse. But tough times are tough times and this is def. one of them.

I only ask that the Lord help us decide whats best for our girls. Anderson and I are at wits ends right now but thank God we have each other to go through this with. It will get easier and there will hopefully be a solution to our problem soon! I HOPE!!! Until then, we have to hang tight and hope for the best!!!!



Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Walk and Swing!

Saturday, July 18th was the first time I took my girls on the swing. I've been dying to take them to the park and put them on the swings but being a working mom is hard. I took advantage of the fact that Anderson was coaching a baseball game and my bff Lanny came by with JoJo. We put all babies on the swings and it was great. My girls were so happy that I got emotional. This time last year my girls were in the hospital so seeing their smiles and how they loves the swing melted my heart!!!! I've been blessed with the most amazing babies in the world.

Then, here it goes, Monday, July 20th 2009 (LOL) Adryana took her first steps. She's not a full walker yet but she's a walker nonetheless. It was sooo amazing. Anderson walked in the door and decided to walk around the house with her by holding both her hands. He let go and all of a sudden she took three steps towards me. I couldn't believe it. She left me amazed (they always do).

As a parent, these are the moments we always remember. These are the moments we cherish forever. These moments are the events we wish we can experience again when are children are all grown up. These are the times in when I wish they can be babies forever. Unfortunately thats not the case. So all we can do is enjoy THAT moment. The precise time in which they make you feel utter joy all over. The time in which you remember that you have been blessed to have such beautiful gifts from above. So those moments bring me back to reality and make me realize that all the hard work I went through was DEF. WORTH IT!!!!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bottle is the word!!!

My fellow readers,

Addyson Michaela does not seem to amaze me! She kept repeating the word "bottle" everytime I said it!! Who knew!!!

I was so shocked as I was sitting down watching the All Star game last night, I would always hear her say something like "badam". But once I held her bottle in my hand she kept saying the same word. When I said "bottle", my darling little girl repeated "bottle". To my amazement, she's been saying this for the past two weeks and her sitter did not tell me anything.

These are things I wish I was home for. Times like this leads me to desire to be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I am not in no financial capacity to do so. I wish I was. I need to hurry up and win the LOTTO quick.

I am so proud of my girls. I'm amazed every moment I'm with them. I thank God each moment for blessing my girls and our family!!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Awaited Project!

OK so you have to give it to me....having twins at home is a pretty difficult task. But is def. no excuse whatsoever. I've pretty busy since my vacation in Dominican Republic (which by the way was not my best trip). But I def. need to keep record of what my girls are doing. I always say this but I want to start scrapbooking. I've bought the books and all the supplies, I just have to START!!!! I read other blogs and how moms are so devoted in keeping track of all the milestones their children are doing and it kinda makes me feel bad I do not do the same for Addy and Adryana. But I've decided I must do it!!! WATCH ME!!!!!
Here is the update on the girls:
Addyson is now 13 pounds and learning to sit on her own. I know she's already 12 months but for a preemie her size, she is doing exceptionally well. I can't wait to post a video of her from Sunday night. This little girl is just like her momma. We got home in the late evening and on my block there were some people blasting very Spanish music ( I mean Perico Ripiao non stop). So my darling daughter saw me trying to dance and then she starts swaying side to side in her playpen with RHYTHM! This was the cutest thing I have ever seen her do!!!! Besides smile at momma all the time.
Adryana was 18 pounds at her last check up and she is crawling and pulling herself to standup everywhere!!!!!! She def. has a personality of a diva! Wanting to do her own thing. Just last night she just kept playing with my face. Giving me kisses. I cannot believe that day is here. The day I've longed for since they were born. The day my daughters would give ME kisses.

Overall, everything is going well. Off to my work!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Addyson and Adryana!!!

Addyson and Adryana,

Words cannot express how Mommy and Daddy feel at this very moment. Exactly at 9:12pm on May 22, 2008 Addyson Michaela was born and 9:15pm on May 22, 2008 Adryana Jeovette. Addyson you came into this world weighing 1lb. 9 oz and now currently weigh 14 pounds. Adryana you came into this world weighing 2 lbs. 12oz. and currently weigh 19 pounds. God is great. This time last year I was scared, worried, but most of all I was in love. I fell in love all over again and it was with the both of you. I remember looking out of my hospital window and smiling like a little girl when she thinks about her first crush. That glow that happiness!!!! Not one moment did I doubt you not coming home to me. Not one moment I questioned God. Instead I would pray with you every minute, read to you the Bible and teach you all I knew. I would sing to you, talk to you, cry to you and I felt like you were the only two people who understood my pain as a mother. But one year has passed and you both are here with me smiling and all.

This morning momma took you to eat some breakfast. Adryana you loved the pancakes (you even broke a plate) and Addyson you love hash browns! Daddy could not make it to breakfast because he had to work but we enjoyed a full day of shopping at the mall with Titi Jocey and Phina. You had your first ice cream cake and you both enjoyed it with full force. I hope you enjoyed your day girls!!!!!

Mommy and Daddy love you very much and when you are much older and read this post just remember whatever actions we make, we make it keeping your best interest at heart! May God Bless You NOW AND ALWAYS ADDYSON AND ADRYANA!!!


Momma J

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank You!

Dear Lord,

I could never say this enough but, thank you! Thank you for my wonderful family! Thank you for my beautiful healthy girls. Thank you for giving me the honor of being the mother to my two precious miracles. Through the ups and downs during the first two months of their life you never left my side. THANK YOU! For giving the fight, strength, patience and love I needed to make sure my daughters were well taken care of. For those people who stood by my side through it all, thank you.

Here are some pics from Mother's day!!!!!

The Banegas-Abreu Family

The Banegas Family (my parents, sisters and younger brother)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

People just love drama! I feel bad for individuals who just stirr up problems in other people's lives. Do they know that at this present moment there are worse things going on in our world? People grieving the loss of a child, children losing their parents, and my list can go on and on and on! So just a reminder, please do not let the little things in life or the little people in life get in the way of your peace and tranquility. Just pray for those negative people who have nothing better to do with themselves and appreciate every moment in your life whether bad or good.

As far as my girls, they are doing well. I have a funny story to tell. Last night Ms. Adryana did not want to go to sleep. It was 12am and Adryana thought it was party time (since she took a long nap when I got home from work). The only thing I can give her to entertain her at midnight was my cell phone. Why did my darling daughter make phone calls to people at that moment?
Until I received a frantic phone call from my mother at 1am telling me "is everything ok?". You could just imagine. NOTE TO SELF: give her a broken cell phone next time because locking your phone apparently doesn't work. LOL



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

R.I.P. Kayleigh Anne Freeman

Life is precious!! Appreciate your children please! In those moments that they keep you up at night, cry endlessly or just ask too many questions-just think there are people who would love to have that like Kayleigh's parents Adam and Aimee.

Kayleigh passed away last night May 11th at 9:44pm. My heart aches for her family. It's like we became family with them through their blog. I appreciate every moment with my daughters. Their tears, laughs and their wanting to go everywhere and anywhere. THOSE MOMENTS I CHERISH!!!! I will never take for granted any moment with my girls. Thank you Lord!

Addyson and Adryana are almost a year old next Friday, May 22nd. We are celebrating their life on May 23rd with a birthday bash! Mother's day was great (will post pics tonight). I could not ask for a better Mother's Day gift then spending it with my girls!!!!

Dear Lord,

Please be with Adam and Aimee at this moment. They need you with them now more than ever. Please grant them the patience, guidance, strength and love they need to get through this hard time. Welcome Kayleigh into your arms Lord!!!! Until one day they will meet again!

R.I.P. Kayleigh!!!! You have touched many lives in 11 months!! You are one of the three reasons I believe in miracles! (my other two are my daughters).

Love, Jacci

Saturday, May 2, 2009

March of Dimes Walk 09

THE WALK WAS AMAZING!!!! The majority of family were there bright and early to walk in honor of my girls. My sister who is 32 weeks pregnant (with swollen feet and all) walked the whole 3 miles. Poor girl! By the time we were half way there she was determined and did not want to stop. Wobbling and all! But for me the walk was very emotional. I reminisced with one of my good college friends Susana about the whole experience I have with my girls. I spoke to her about Kayleigh and other NICU babies who are not as fortunate to have an easy transition out of the NICU. Lately, I've been thinking about Kayleigh and her family. Still no good update on Kayleigh, honestly I'm praying to God for a miracle because I do believe in miracles. As for my darling girls, there are doing well. Adryana and Addy got their first TWO teeth! Adryana is very vocal now a days. She tells you to come to her with her hands and says "come" in Spanish which is "ven". HOW CUTE IS THAT! Addy is learning to sit more on her own and loves her bath time. She fights when we take her out of her tub. TOO FUNNY! Here are some pics from our walk and our girls first time in NYC Subway!

Adryana with my sister Onix in the Subway!!
Addy with her Mickey on the Subway

Onix with Addyson

Grandma Ines (Anderson's Mother) with her friend Maria

Susana and Onix

Addy and her Daddy (Anderson)

Thanks to Everyone who sponsored Team Addyson and Adyana!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reminder of Our Lives

It's hard to hear about a family who has so much faith in the Lord and might have to lose their child. How some families are not as fortunate as others who take their little ones home from the NICU. Those babies who never got to see the light of day because their health would not let them. But this is the reminder that we have to be thankful for what we have in our lives. As I write this blog tonight my heart feels heavy. Heavy like the feeling of having a knot in your throat that you want to scream. You just look back and hear stories and see that people have to let go of someone they became one with .

Lord, I thank you for my daughters Addyson and Adryana. Thank you for having them here with me. Thank you for their smiles, tears, cries, laughters and thank you for every breath they take!!!! I went through seeing my daughters have tubes in their mouths, IVs everywhere, wires coming out of everywhere-NOT ONCE DID I QUESTION WHY?!!! Because if God put me in that path I knew He was by my side every step of the way!!!! Thank you for being so good to me!!! All those tears of sadness of not having my girls with me, those tears when I use to leave the hospital at 1am knowing that I would walk into an empty nursery, those tears of not knowing what to expect, those tears of joy when my daughters would gain 1 GRAM.......that all was WORTH IT!!!!!!!

For those of you who question God, sit down and think it could be a lot worst. Give thanks for the hardships, give thanks for the tears, give thanks for the fears and give thanks for the goodness in our lives.

Tomorrow is the March for Babies and like I said I will be walking for:
  • My Twin Daughters, Addyson and Adryana
  • Kayleigh Anne Freeman
  • Baby Alayah (R.I.P)
  • Baby Rania (R.I.P)
  • and all those babies who has left our earth to be with Our Heavenly Father
This one is for you all!!!!



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Kayleigh

Everyone please pray for Kayleigh
who is not doing so well at the moment. My heart goes out to Adam and Aimee and the rest of their family. Kayleigh is currently brain dead and the doctors are losing hope. Please Lord bless that family. Be with the family at this moment Lord.

I've been following Kayleigh blog since December and she reminds me so much of my Addyson.
Kalyeigh was born 1 pound and she looked so much like my Addy. Kayleigh's has gone through it all but I ask all of you to pray for her. She is a reason along with my girls that I have such strong faith. Their family is a perfect example of how faith can be tested and her family never loses it. Lord pass your beloved hand over her. From head to toe. Heal her Lord, give her the strength she needs to keep going. Let the doctors see hope in Kayleigh. Let them give her a fighting chance once again.

Kayleigh, I'm walking this Sunday in the March of Dimes. I'm walking in your honor and my twin girls as well. God is good and He will not give you something you cannot handle. I have faith I will see your eyes open again!!!!!



Monday, April 20, 2009

Giving Back

Always in the back of my mind I wanted to give back....since the Lord was good with me and my girls. Never once did I doubt God in what I went through with my girl. Not once did I say "why me?". Not once did I regret the sacrifices I made for my girls, since I knew they went through a lot more to be here with me. Therefore, it's my turn to give back.

Two weeks before I gave birth, Anderson and I were anxiously looking for a two bedroom apartment. It was very difficult for us to look for one since I was in the hospital for most of my pregnancy. Once I got out everything fell into place and we found a beautiful two bedroom apartment in a private house with great owners. It was hard to get to know the owners because I gave birth two weeks later. My owner Karina came to see me in the hospital as soon as I gave birth and boy I have never met a person with so much faith (besides my parents of course). Karina had a son whom she lost at the age of 8 months. Karina told me all her son went through but never in my life I would have thought that she lost a child. Karina told me that day in the hospital "Have faith Jacci , your girls are healthy all they need to do is grow". She went on to tell me the whole story of her son Isaiah. Which leads me to telling you my new adventure.

Isaiah was at rehabilitation center in Bayside, NY called St. Mary's Children's Hospital. There were many children there who's parents would not go visit for whatever reasons they have. Therefore, I would like to go visit those children who do not have family visit them on a daily basis. Life can be busy but one smile to a child can make their day. There's is no limit on how much love a child needs. I know you must be thinking how can she volunteer have twin girls at home. My answer to you....I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! An hour, two hours, or 4 hours a week cannot hurt anyone. It's called a good deed. I feel God was sooo good to us. Through the good and bad He was ALWAYS BY OUR SIDE. It's sad to know there are babies who's families have given up on them. Not giving them a fighting chance or families who have children at home and wish they had someone to keep their child accompanied so they will not feel alone. When I use to leave my girls at 1am everyday from the hospital I would always feel my heart go crumbling to piece (I know I can be dramatic) but thats how I felt. Imagine the baby?

Babies feel everything!!!!!!! They say it take one person to make a difference. It's going to start with me!



Thursday, March 26, 2009

March for Babies

Hello My Fellow Readers!!!!!!!

This is the time I need YOUR help!!! I am currently putting together a team in honor of Addyson and Adyrana (and those babies lost while we were at the NICU...R.I.P. Baby Ranya and Alayah) for the March for Babies. Please support the cause of prematurity and help those babies and families who might face the troubles we did. It does not have to be much....five dollars, one dollar. Any amount helps the cause. Here is our website:

If you are feeling very generous walk with us on Sunday, April 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's give some thanks back and walk for all those special babies!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Divas!!!!

We FINALLY took the girls to get their pictures taken!!! I know, I know....FINALLY!!!! Boy was it a task all on its own. If Addy was laughing Nana was serious. If Nana was laughing, Addy was serious. Talk about hard work. But all in all the girls looked wonderful. This is my favorite one!!!!
Addy is looking at Nana like "Hey, lets get this show on the road. Stop complaining, I'm hungry for goodness sake". I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!! We are getting ready to our trip to La Republica (Dominican Republic). We got their passports in the mail already, it took only two weeks to get them. FAST!!!!!!! The girls are teething , attempting to crawl and all that fun stuff! They are eating some home cooked meals because I need to get their tummy ready by the time we go to D.R. Knowing their Aunt over there, she will feed them everything and anything(well not anything)...I'm exaggerating. All in all the girls are well.

Today I was reading a blog and this person said something along the lines of "knowing I will leave my child in a pod just broke my heart". This person was referring to an incubator in the NICU. She went on saying that it would be the most difficult thing know that after three days of delivering my child that I would be going home without my baby. This touched me and reminded me of that day. Just thinking about it brings pain to my heart. Anderson and I left three days after I gave birth and boy that was the most difficult day. I already had warning that my girls will be born prematurely (32 weeks) however when they came 4 weeks earlier than that (28weeks) I was mentally not prepared. My heart broke as I was limping out of the hospital without my girls. I went to my parents' house in tears knowing my girls will not be home with me. Not feeling them in my belly after having them in there for 7 months. Going into my home without them in my arms or in my belly. That night was the most difficult for me. My heart just ached knowing my girls were in the incubator with tubes and everything and I was home in bed lying comfortably. I know I have said one day I will go into detail about my experience at the NICU but it's honestly a memory I try to put in the back of my mind because it just hurts so much.

However, I do give thanks to GOD for being with me throughout that journey and bringing my girls home. Each and every day is a blessing for my girls. Addy and Nany, Momma loves you!!!



Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th, 2009-I'm Horrible

I always say this, but, I need to blog more. People tell me "Jacci, you need to keep up to date stuff for the girls" I am waiting for that one day to tell the whole story of my hard journey with my girls but until that day comes I will fill you with other stuff. The girls had a bad stomach virus last week. It all started on Friday, March 6th. We rushed Addy to the ER she was throwing up non stop and just was not looking like her normal self. After being there for almost 3 hours we left. WE LEFT!! Could you believe a hospital such as that one saw a baby there throwing up constantly and didn't even look at her???!!!! Her pediatrician said she was better off home and to bring her first thing in the morning to her office. My parents are great!! They stood over and helped us with Addy and Nana. Nana then had diarrhea non stop, then I got sick, then Anderson!!!!! The house was filled with viruses. No matter how careful we are with the girls, they still got sick! GO FIGURE!!!! But now they are much better. They spent Saturday with their Titi Onix, for some quality time. Titi Onix was great. She got the girls an actual walker. Nana didn't like it much but Addy was loving it!!!! I forgot to take pics. Again, I'm horrible! But my goal is to be more good about that. The girls are now saying Dada, Papi, Daddy. It's tooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Nana says her own name "Nana or Nani". Too funny!!! They are teething so they get a bit cranky. I will def. put pics up for next posting!!!



Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2nd, 2009-Pretty Crazy!!!

Hello All!!!

It's been a hectic week for me. Right now I am at work wishing I was home with my girls. NYC got a big snow storm and of course my job is probably the only place open. Last week went by so quickly I cannot even remember what I did. On Friday, Adryana (my little trouble maker) scratched her eye...I know how did she do that. All I noticed was a blotch of red in her eye. I FREAKED OUT!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

2/19/2009-"Thoughtful Thursday"

Kayleigh's parents started the "Thoughtful Thursday" in honor of Kayleigh. Thought it would be a good idea to participate. So here goes my story....Monday evening Anderson's (my fiancee) cousin had a baby boy. We spent the whole day with my sister (who is expecting as well) getting her registry set up. Well once we got home we were exhausted and heard the news they were going to do an emergency C-section on her because she came down with a bad virus. I began to wonder whether or not if we should rush to the hospital to go see her and how the baby was doing. The story about me wondering is that when my girls were born and during their 67 days at the NICU not one of his family members from his mother's side came to see them. Not one phone call...NOTHING!!! Anderson is the only child and he grew up with his cousins as if they were his sisters. I became very resentful. Even when my girls came home no calls no visits. Well thinking of this upcoming "Thoughtful Thursday" and how to get Kayleigh's story to touch another life I said to myself its not the child's fault. Any baby born is a blessing and I'm going for the child and to show the mother we do care despite the lack of communication between our families. We rushed to get the baby a couple of cute outfits and I actually felt good going. She was very grateful and the first words out her mouth was "I thought you guys would not show up". I felt as if I did my good deed and the baby was beautiful and healthy, thanks to God. While visiting the hospital we passed the NICU room and saw a baby in an incubator and brought back memories of my girls. I thank the Lord for each and every moment with my girls.
Thanks Kayleigh. You are touching people's lives without you fully understanding how great you are to people.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wed. Feb 18th, 2008-I know I know

I know I have not been blogging as I should have. It's been a crazy weekend. The girls are doing well. For some reason they sound a little congested but nothing to be alarmed about. Just using the "Little Noses" for now. So Addy's OT is recommending Speech Therapy to show her how to eat. She is concerned Addy does not take her baby food from a spoon. Mind you, Addy was born at 28 weeks she is 8 months actual and 5 months adjusted. What 5 month old eats from a spoon with no problem. What, does she expect her to walk tomorrow as well. I know I know, I am being dramatic as always. But I am thankful my daughter is where she is at. Yes, Addy is a little on the small side but from what she was born as I would say and speak for everyone when I say she has come a long way. Adryana is not your typical preemie. She eats like the formula is going to end, wants to be in control of everything just basically wants to be her own boss. Each and everyday I am grateful for my girls!!!!!!

On an another note, I have become addicted to this whole blogging experience so forgive me until I become familiar. However, please pray for those babies who are not well at this moment.. I have added a few buttons on the right side of my page. Please pray for them. May the Lord be with them now and always and give the babies and their family the strength to get through each and every moment they face. I have faith one day they will be well!!!!

Until another day


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wed, February 11, 2009-March for Dimes

I'm very to announce that I started a team by the name of "Team Addyson and Adryana" to walk at the March of Dimes on Sunday, April 26th at 8am. I decided to this like a way of giving back on how blessed I am to have my beautiful girls. I am also walking for those other preemies who are fighting for their lives. Imagine that us as adults struggle with so much, can you imagine a preemie with no life experiences fighting for their own life the day they are born??? Tough right??? It's def. no walk in the park. So why don't you join me!!! Walk with me!!! Let's get together and support those babies who need us to fight for them as well. Never in my life I thought I would have a preemie. Never in my life I thought I would have twins. But never in my life would I regret going through what I went through for my girls. My girls went through a lot and fought for my family and I. They fought to share each moment with us. Therefore, Addy and Nana thank you!! Thank you for fighting for Mami, Papi, Abuelos Banegas, Abuelos Abreu, Titi/Nina Onix, Tio Joey, Nicky, Gabe, Rocky, Tanina Angi, Tio Louie, Chris, Timo, Baby Shrimp, Tio Jay, Nina/Titi Jocey....the list can go on an on........But thank you girls!! You've truly blessed our lives!!!!

LETS WALK!!! In honor of Addyson and Adryana! and those premature babies who need our prayers and help!!!


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Forgot to mention Addy is getting Occupational Therapy (OT) now. The Occupational Therapist's name is Anne and she is great. Fatima (my babysitter) only speaks Spanish and Anne (Caucasian) speaks better Spanish than me and I'm of Honduran decent. GO FIGURE!! Anne says Addy is amazing. The only thing she is small in size but she sees no developmental delays in Addy which is music to my ears. Addy is also getting Physical Therapy (PT) which has shown much improvement in Addyson. Adryana is sitting almost on her own and I'm amazed on each action they make. Tomorrow is a big day. They will be getting their ears pierced!!! I'm soo nervous that I have asked my mother to go along with Anderson and I because I cannot be in the room while that happens. So wish us luck.


P.S. My older sister Angi is having a BOY!!!! She is currently 20 weeks!!! I'm soo happy!!!

God Bless!

I'm currently at work right now but thought I should drop a quick note. I follow a blog of a fellow preemie by the name of Kayleigh ( and is was heartwrenching to hear how people are sooo mean. This little girl is truly a fighter and reminds me sooo much of my girls. Well the story is someone mean individual wrote a comment on their blog basically telling them all these mean things. Who do people think they are??!!! People just do not simply understand that parents who have their babies in the NICU are going through a tough time. Each moment is precious with your child at the NICU. Each minute better yet each second is valuable. I wished I would of started a blog on how the NICU journey was but like I said I just wanted to sit next my daughters' incubator thanking God for each breath they took. I always had faith in God but somewhat lost touch right before I became pregnant. But if this was God's way of bringing me back to reality by having my girls' early so what!!! I thank him for it because I appreciate things more!!! Every smile Addy and Nana give me melts my heart away. Every sound, every movement brings joy to my life. I never questioned God's motive. Never said "why me" despite everything my girls' went through. Thanks to God, Anderson, my parents, sisters, brothers, nephews, friends and prayers from strangers is why my daughters are here alive today. So for those people who want to criticize people like Kayleigh's parents BACK OFF!! They do not need negativity. I am saying this as a fellow NICU parent. God Bless each moment given!!!


Mommy Abreu

Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you do not know me than you will not know what I had to go through to have my girls here. Many preemie parents will understand the difficulty of having a preemie child. I'm a 24 year old college graduate with a strong family foundation and a girl that has everything going for her. I met Anderson (my fiancee) my freshman year at NYU. I have four beautiful nephews that ultimately were like my sons. Therefore, I really saw no rush in having children anytime soon. Anderson and I moved out and we enjoyed our time going here, there and everywhere. We were at a point in October 2007 that we were arguing about everything, then boom I came out pregnant. Was it surprise? IT DEF. WAS!!! Was I ready? DEF. NOT! But in my heart I said to myself if God is giving me this child because He thinks I am ready. I was scared of the fact that I how I would support my child. I do not have any school loans (thanks to my mom who earned tuition remission being a former employee at NYU) but was in deep credit card debt. And then another SURPRISE! I WAS TOLD I WAS HAVING TWINS!!!!! I went from everything to throwing up all day and night throughout my whole pregnancy, in and out of the hospital, being placed on bed rest, Pre-Eclampsia, and finally my daughters being born at 28 weeks 4 days. As I write this I am amazed how I held everything together. But thanks to my family and Anderson we made it through. Now Addy and Nana (Adryana) are home and healthy as can be. Sometimes I forget to give thanks but Lord knows I am thankful. There are many people out there who wished their babies were home with them and those are the people I pray for everynight.

For those reasons, I want to spend every minute with my girls and if I go out its with family for a few hours and at that I feel awful leaving my girls behind. Anderson tells me I need to have my own time. But my girls are my own time. Every second I spend with my girls is a blessing. Every smile, every touch, every cry is a blessing to my life. I am very grateful!! Writing this brings tears of joy to my eyes because I am blessed to be a Mother to Addyson and Adryana!!

To My Girls:

I am starting this blog for you! For you both to see what Mommy felt. As a mom, I want to provide you with the best of everything. Addy and Nana I love you and am thankful for every moment with you. Even those dirty diaper changes that me and Papi toss coins to see who will be changing it next. I love you very much!! Que Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre mis hijas!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Beginning!!!

I am starting this blog to keep record of all the memories of my girls. My girls story recap is....they were born on Thursday May 22, 2008. Addyson was born at 9:12pm weighing in 1lb 9oz. Adryana was born at 9:15pm weighing in at 2lb 12oz. I went through alot being my first pregnancy. But I will go into details much later. so far my girls are ok. They did go their ups and downs at the NICU but are doing well presently. At their last doctor's appointment about a month ago Addy weighed 11lbs and Adryana 15lbs. They just turned eight months last Thursday. I am very grateful for my girls each and every day bc not many people have the luxury of having their babies home (two at that!!). Well I am at work right now but when I have a moment later on tonight I will write. xoxoxo!!!! Mommy Abreu!!!!