Thursday, February 5, 2009

God Bless!

I'm currently at work right now but thought I should drop a quick note. I follow a blog of a fellow preemie by the name of Kayleigh ( and is was heartwrenching to hear how people are sooo mean. This little girl is truly a fighter and reminds me sooo much of my girls. Well the story is someone mean individual wrote a comment on their blog basically telling them all these mean things. Who do people think they are??!!! People just do not simply understand that parents who have their babies in the NICU are going through a tough time. Each moment is precious with your child at the NICU. Each minute better yet each second is valuable. I wished I would of started a blog on how the NICU journey was but like I said I just wanted to sit next my daughters' incubator thanking God for each breath they took. I always had faith in God but somewhat lost touch right before I became pregnant. But if this was God's way of bringing me back to reality by having my girls' early so what!!! I thank him for it because I appreciate things more!!! Every smile Addy and Nana give me melts my heart away. Every sound, every movement brings joy to my life. I never questioned God's motive. Never said "why me" despite everything my girls' went through. Thanks to God, Anderson, my parents, sisters, brothers, nephews, friends and prayers from strangers is why my daughters are here alive today. So for those people who want to criticize people like Kayleigh's parents BACK OFF!! They do not need negativity. I am saying this as a fellow NICU parent. God Bless each moment given!!!


Mommy Abreu

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