Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 17th Months!! (Delayed)

Addyson and Adryana,

You are now 17 months old!!!!! Wow how times flies!!! Addyson you weigh around 15 pounds and Adryana about 22 pounds! You got your first haircut on September 24th by your Grandma Ines!!! You both love the kitchen and are very quick to run away from mommy and daddy when you do something wrong. Typical! lol

Addy you have started standing and walking around supported throughout the house, thanks to your recent babysitter Nilsa! You are still dancing "Pepe Pepe Pepe" all day!!!!!! You love the song "La Bamba". You now know how to give people kisses. You have started to love looking at your books instead of watching TV! We have noticed you love Carne and Onion Rings!!! But most of all you have unleashed the rebel in you!!! You have a strong character that I'm sure no one would want to mess with that!! LOL I love you Addy!!!

Nana you have started to WALK!!!!!!! Yes, we said it!! WALK!! You started walking on September 23rd!!!!! You were with Mama Carmen and Tata that night for our weekly Wednesday dinner and you started walking!!!! How amazing is that!!! You give kisses all the time! The other night daddy was sleeping and you just walked right up to him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. You say "cheese" while taking pictures! You dance with your sister all the time. You call "addy" whenever you don't see her!! You love "poppa" (tyler) a whole lot. You keep wanting to take away his pacifier though!!! lol Most of all you love to sing!!! You know all the songs to the Noggin channel!!! I can always hear you singing from your room! too cute! sometimes I think you are so much like your Nina!!!! Love you nana!!!

My beautiful girls!! You are growing more and more each day! But please don't grow too fast! Even though, thats what will happen!!!! Thanks for being the best daughters a mommy can ask for!!!!