Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I tend to forget why I really started my blog. For the girls? Since they are growing every minute of the day. Or for me? How I handle being a mom of twin girls. ITS BOTH!!! This summer flew by right before my eyes. I do have pictures to share but not right now.

Right now, my mind is all over the place. We had a great sitter to our girls who quit on us on Friday with no warning whatsoever. So you could just imagine what we are facing at this present moment. We are use to our girls being home with someone who has their best interest at heart and right now its difficult to find someone like that. At this present moment the girls are with their grandmother Ines and I'm just breaking my mind what to do next. Who will take care of my girls? Will they care for my girls ok? Will that person have their best interest at heart? These are things a working mom has to face. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury of staying at home with my girls, but I really don't. But one day I will. All I can do is cling on to that glimmer of hope.

I interviewed someone last night and even though she seemed nice, something in my heart told me otherwise. I do not if it's because it is a risk I have to take or just plain old mommy instincts. You hear stories everywhere about babysitting and yes nanny cams would be my best option but until what extent? I would just drive myself crazy. Everyone tells me everything will be okay. Trust me, I will give any day as today instead of them being worse. But tough times are tough times and this is def. one of them.

I only ask that the Lord help us decide whats best for our girls. Anderson and I are at wits ends right now but thank God we have each other to go through this with. It will get easier and there will hopefully be a solution to our problem soon! I HOPE!!! Until then, we have to hang tight and hope for the best!!!!