Thursday, March 26, 2009

March for Babies

Hello My Fellow Readers!!!!!!!

This is the time I need YOUR help!!! I am currently putting together a team in honor of Addyson and Adyrana (and those babies lost while we were at the NICU...R.I.P. Baby Ranya and Alayah) for the March for Babies. Please support the cause of prematurity and help those babies and families who might face the troubles we did. It does not have to be much....five dollars, one dollar. Any amount helps the cause. Here is our website:

If you are feeling very generous walk with us on Sunday, April 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's give some thanks back and walk for all those special babies!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Divas!!!!

We FINALLY took the girls to get their pictures taken!!! I know, I know....FINALLY!!!! Boy was it a task all on its own. If Addy was laughing Nana was serious. If Nana was laughing, Addy was serious. Talk about hard work. But all in all the girls looked wonderful. This is my favorite one!!!!
Addy is looking at Nana like "Hey, lets get this show on the road. Stop complaining, I'm hungry for goodness sake". I LOVE MY GIRLS!!!! We are getting ready to our trip to La Republica (Dominican Republic). We got their passports in the mail already, it took only two weeks to get them. FAST!!!!!!! The girls are teething , attempting to crawl and all that fun stuff! They are eating some home cooked meals because I need to get their tummy ready by the time we go to D.R. Knowing their Aunt over there, she will feed them everything and anything(well not anything)...I'm exaggerating. All in all the girls are well.

Today I was reading a blog and this person said something along the lines of "knowing I will leave my child in a pod just broke my heart". This person was referring to an incubator in the NICU. She went on saying that it would be the most difficult thing know that after three days of delivering my child that I would be going home without my baby. This touched me and reminded me of that day. Just thinking about it brings pain to my heart. Anderson and I left three days after I gave birth and boy that was the most difficult day. I already had warning that my girls will be born prematurely (32 weeks) however when they came 4 weeks earlier than that (28weeks) I was mentally not prepared. My heart broke as I was limping out of the hospital without my girls. I went to my parents' house in tears knowing my girls will not be home with me. Not feeling them in my belly after having them in there for 7 months. Going into my home without them in my arms or in my belly. That night was the most difficult for me. My heart just ached knowing my girls were in the incubator with tubes and everything and I was home in bed lying comfortably. I know I have said one day I will go into detail about my experience at the NICU but it's honestly a memory I try to put in the back of my mind because it just hurts so much.

However, I do give thanks to GOD for being with me throughout that journey and bringing my girls home. Each and every day is a blessing for my girls. Addy and Nany, Momma loves you!!!



Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16th, 2009-I'm Horrible

I always say this, but, I need to blog more. People tell me "Jacci, you need to keep up to date stuff for the girls" I am waiting for that one day to tell the whole story of my hard journey with my girls but until that day comes I will fill you with other stuff. The girls had a bad stomach virus last week. It all started on Friday, March 6th. We rushed Addy to the ER she was throwing up non stop and just was not looking like her normal self. After being there for almost 3 hours we left. WE LEFT!! Could you believe a hospital such as that one saw a baby there throwing up constantly and didn't even look at her???!!!! Her pediatrician said she was better off home and to bring her first thing in the morning to her office. My parents are great!! They stood over and helped us with Addy and Nana. Nana then had diarrhea non stop, then I got sick, then Anderson!!!!! The house was filled with viruses. No matter how careful we are with the girls, they still got sick! GO FIGURE!!!! But now they are much better. They spent Saturday with their Titi Onix, for some quality time. Titi Onix was great. She got the girls an actual walker. Nana didn't like it much but Addy was loving it!!!! I forgot to take pics. Again, I'm horrible! But my goal is to be more good about that. The girls are now saying Dada, Papi, Daddy. It's tooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Nana says her own name "Nana or Nani". Too funny!!! They are teething so they get a bit cranky. I will def. put pics up for next posting!!!



Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2nd, 2009-Pretty Crazy!!!

Hello All!!!

It's been a hectic week for me. Right now I am at work wishing I was home with my girls. NYC got a big snow storm and of course my job is probably the only place open. Last week went by so quickly I cannot even remember what I did. On Friday, Adryana (my little trouble maker) scratched her eye...I know how did she do that. All I noticed was a blotch of red in her eye. I FREAKED OUT!