Monday, March 22, 2010

~22 Months Old~ This is Def. Your Number

This month is quite special!!!! 22!!!! 22 is the number my girls are closely associated with!!!! The Day They Were Born! Before I get into the current update about my darling daughters, I would like write a little of what I'm feeling.

The question I'm always asked when I mention I have twins is "How do you do it?". Before, I would simply respond "Oh it's very easy". Now if you currently would ask me "How do you do it?" , I would simply respond "I don't know". My girls are definitely becoming a handful. They are hitting that age of discovery. My girls want to discover everything and they do it together!!!!! Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't, sometimes they are just in their own little world. Honestly, sometimes I just don't know what to do. But this is what I think, I would not rather have it any other way. The way they are is simply perfect. Of course, every mom states my child is the best, but momma Jacci says "My daughters are the best to me". There have been plenty of days this month that have been tough and you know what, the thought of them just make me feel better. Everything I do is totally worth it because its for them. I breathe and live for them.

This morning I got into a little accident (nothing major thank goodness) and my heart was in my throat because this was my first little accident with the girls in the car!!!! I jumped out my car to check my girls and all I saw was a smile and then later heard a laughter!!! At that point the person who hit me didn't matter, all that mattered was Addyson and Adryana!!!! In reality, they are the ONLY ones that matter!

So here we go!!

Ms. Addyson Michaela, you are currently 19 pounds (not much of a gain) but are eating everything and anything in sight! You are walking much more better and dancing on your own without anyone holding you. You love running around with your sister and your thing right now is unrolling the toilet paper from the bathroom. You are such an older sister because you def. let Adryana push you around because you adore her. Your laughter melts my heart each time. However, for some reason this month you have been escaping to my bed at least 2x a week! Urgh! LOL Other than that my darling baby ,you are AWESOME!!!!!!

Ms. Adryana Jeovette, you are currently 25 pounds and such a diva!! This past weekend we went to a party and you got on stage. Boy, Grandma Carmen could not get you down. You dance everything and anything. You sing everything and anything. You are such a little character. Sometimes you become sooo silly that all Daddy and I can do is laugh. However, your flaw of the month is that you are saying the word "Coño!" I DO NOT LIKE THAT!!! So lose it quick little girl!!! LOL You are loving Yo Gabba Gabba. First thing in the morning you tell me "Gabba Gabba". Oh yes, you love your Dora Fruit Snacks. You even steal Addy's at times!!!! My darling diva, you too are AMAZING!!!!

Well my darling family, until next time!!

Momma J

Monday, February 22, 2010

~21 Months Old~

Boy is Mommy horrible at this whole blogging thing! A funny thing is, my sacrifice for Lent is to blog at least every other day-JK!

So girls, you are now 21 months old (1 year and 9 months).

Addyson, you are currently about 18 pounds and boy are you a handful. You are now beginning to walk. You started walking on January 25th, 2010. You have been dancing everywhere and anywhere. You know where your nose, mouth and eyes are because you point them out to me and say each one. You did the cutest thing yesterday, we were watching the movie "La Bamba" and you and your sister were star strucked when you saw the actor singing this song. I think you became in love with Lou Diamond Phillips...LOL..NOT! You got very sick this month but you are doing a lot better. The doctor had prescribed an oxygen mask and you simply thought it was a toy. So everything you saw that resembled the mask, you put it towards your face and inhaled (a little dangerous..I know!). Oh, and when you get dress you tell yourself "Linda" (aka "pretty") to show us how beautiful you look-alongside with Adryana. Overall, you are amazing as always.

Miss Adryana, you are currently 24 pounds and a little diva in the making. You are now singing Happy Birthday everywhere we go. You are such the entertainer. When your sister Addy start walking you clapped and cheered your twin sister on. That was sooo cute! You are very playful. You are starting to say "Yo Gabba Gabba" and know all their songs now. You sing all the time. One time me and you were in the car and you started singing Aventura's "Por Un Segundo". I think your Nina Onix got some competition! LOL. It's amazing on how you and your sister look soo much alike but are amazingly different. I love to see your every move because you are very creative. Just yesterday, you and Addy saw your shadows on the wall and started talking and fighting it! LOL And of course, Addy wanted to do what u did but you were so good to include her in your little show! LOL You are very kind, you love to share with Addy (sometimes). You are def. a joy to watch!

I know I know I def. want to get better at this but it's def. a task on its own! My girls will be 2 before I know it and I def. want to keep track of every moment!!!! Until next time, hopefully not a year from now!!!


Mommy Jacci

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy's Instincts

Oh boy! Where do I begin?! Last night as I walked through the door, I see Anderson cooking dinner so I begin to get the girls settled. We had an evaluation with our therapist which was pretty thorough but we were done in no time! Usually my routine is to get the girls changed into their pj's and take them a shower if its necessary, get their bags ready for day care, etc. Once they are settled I get ready to go to the gym. This has been our routine for almost a year. However, last night I had a feeling that it was best to stay home and just skip the gym for the night

Around 7ish, Anderson's mom shows up. She usually does not arrive around that time but it was good to see her. She went into the kitchen and Anderson offered her some honey candy (which by the way looks exactly like a mint ball). She is holding Adryana and Adryana is at that stage that she wants everything anyone is eating. My mother's instinct came into play and I told Anderson make sure you guys do not give Adryana that candy. So I go into the living room and next thing you know my daughter is choking. I thought I was going to collapse. Anderson grabbed Nana from his mother and began doing what we were taught in the NICU ( since we had to be certified for CPR before we could take the girls home) and turned her over and did his magic. My daughter couldn't cry or anything bc the candy was lodged in her throat. But once I heard a cry I knew she was ok. That's usually lesson 101, if your child is not crying its bc they have no open airway. Crying is good for their lungs, believe it or not. All my Adryana could do was cling on to me. She didn't want grandma nor Daddy but mommy. Why is that? Not just with my daughter but with all babies. The first person they run to is mommy. I know what it is! Its bc momma makes all the pain go away. Momma is what makes bad days seem ok. Momma is the one that makes the cloudy days seem sunny. Poppa is the one who protects and momma nurtures!

I know maybe I shouldn't be writing this but honestly I've never experienced such an incident in where I had no control. I just froze! All I could say was "you guys didn't listen to me". People should always respect a mother's wishes. If your mom tells you no its for a reason. And for me to think my mom was just raining on my parade sometimes, but it was bc she knew. Mothers have that special sense. I call it the most valuable sense. The sense when you know something is wrong with your child. The feeling of knowing something COULD go wrong.

Its def no one's fault but its def a lesson learned! I thank God it all turned out ok. But it just made me hold my daughters a little tighter bc things can wrong in a split second. So there you go, not all these blogs will be happy! But they will be honest! Please hold your children a little tighter today and make sure mother's wishes are ALWAYS respected.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle...and to the Potty We go!

I've discovered that my daughters are very fond of music. That is def. not a surprise to me! My family loves anything that has to do with music. Dancing is our passion. Singing is something my Dad and sister is VERY Good at! Even though me and Angi try our best (which if you ask me we are excellent) But music is all around us. My grandfather (may he rest in peace) was a musician. He played the saxophone. He was really good at it. My Dad sings in the church choir since I can remember. Onix sings everywhere from plays, to church, family events and now for a band called Late Night Car Service and she's awesome! I loved to dance since young. I even went to dance classes when I was a little girl. For some reason dancing is what makes me who I am. It could be anything from hip-hop to techno to ballads. You name it I'll dance it. Anderson loves to play the Guira which mostly alot of Dominicans love to do. LOL When I was pregnant, that is what kept me going. I went through it all but music is what made me see things brighter (corny...I know), but its the truth. So you see, it's no question why my daughters love music.

Addyson had a little fear of teddy bears. She would not touch or even look at a teddy bear. That changed last night. My parents came over for a weekly dinner and they brought the girls a teddy bear which is a "Mexican chihuahua" lol. The teddy has a pancho and sombrero and sings a song in Spanish and English. Well my darling Addyson loved the song! It said something to the effect "Mamacita, adonde esta Santa Claus...lallala". It is too cute. So since my daughter loves dancing it became her best friend and she would dance every time she touched the teddy and it sang. Now if you see my 1 year old daughter she moves her hips more than a Hawaiian Dancer. LOL. She moves from side to side with RHYTHM. Let's just say she loves her Chihuahua and no longer fears teddy bears! Yay for Addy! LOL

Adryana on the other hand is my singer! Boy do we have a run for our money. She sings EVERYTHING!!! But what amazed me was this morning. As I'm getting her ready she starts humming twinkle twinkle little star. She tries to say the words as much as she can. But its so amazing how my one year old knows the tune to twinkle twinkle little star. I always say this but sometimes she just reminds me too much of Onix. I swear that's Onix's daughter ...LOL (which is a great thing).

So even though my daughters do not look nothing like me, they have my personality. They love to sing and dance and make everyone happy (well sometimes I try that).

What's even more exciting news? Wait for it............ the sitter will begin potty training with Adryana today!!! Hooray!!!! My girls are growing and never understood why my mom would say not to rush growing up. I just thought it was because that what moms do. But maybe just maybe she just wanted me to be her little girl forever, which is what I'm feeling now and they are only one! Yes, I'm dramatic...I know!!

Until next time!!!



Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

I wanted this Halloween to be special!!! Last year the girls were too small to understand. This year was the year they would know just a little about dressing up!

We had a family party at my parents' house! O boy did we have fun! While I was decorating all you can see is how my girls' eye lit up to all the decorations. Once we were getting them dressed, they just loved it. Although I must say they were a little frightened with all the scary masks but that didn't stop them!!!! They got tons of candy, ate tons of cake and cookies, and absolutely loved being in everyone's arms.



I thought Halloween was the best when I was a little girl. However, the most rewarding Halloween is when you are a parent. Just looking at your child's happy face is what makes Halloween worthwhile. I'm glad I have the opportunity of spending Halloween with my beautiful daughters!!! Because not many parents do.



Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 17th Months!! (Delayed)

Addyson and Adryana,

You are now 17 months old!!!!! Wow how times flies!!! Addyson you weigh around 15 pounds and Adryana about 22 pounds! You got your first haircut on September 24th by your Grandma Ines!!! You both love the kitchen and are very quick to run away from mommy and daddy when you do something wrong. Typical! lol

Addy you have started standing and walking around supported throughout the house, thanks to your recent babysitter Nilsa! You are still dancing "Pepe Pepe Pepe" all day!!!!!! You love the song "La Bamba". You now know how to give people kisses. You have started to love looking at your books instead of watching TV! We have noticed you love Carne and Onion Rings!!! But most of all you have unleashed the rebel in you!!! You have a strong character that I'm sure no one would want to mess with that!! LOL I love you Addy!!!

Nana you have started to WALK!!!!!!! Yes, we said it!! WALK!! You started walking on September 23rd!!!!! You were with Mama Carmen and Tata that night for our weekly Wednesday dinner and you started walking!!!! How amazing is that!!! You give kisses all the time! The other night daddy was sleeping and you just walked right up to him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. You say "cheese" while taking pictures! You dance with your sister all the time. You call "addy" whenever you don't see her!! You love "poppa" (tyler) a whole lot. You keep wanting to take away his pacifier though!!! lol Most of all you love to sing!!! You know all the songs to the Noggin channel!!! I can always hear you singing from your room! too cute! sometimes I think you are so much like your Nina!!!! Love you nana!!!

My beautiful girls!! You are growing more and more each day! But please don't grow too fast! Even though, thats what will happen!!!! Thanks for being the best daughters a mommy can ask for!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I tend to forget why I really started my blog. For the girls? Since they are growing every minute of the day. Or for me? How I handle being a mom of twin girls. ITS BOTH!!! This summer flew by right before my eyes. I do have pictures to share but not right now.

Right now, my mind is all over the place. We had a great sitter to our girls who quit on us on Friday with no warning whatsoever. So you could just imagine what we are facing at this present moment. We are use to our girls being home with someone who has their best interest at heart and right now its difficult to find someone like that. At this present moment the girls are with their grandmother Ines and I'm just breaking my mind what to do next. Who will take care of my girls? Will they care for my girls ok? Will that person have their best interest at heart? These are things a working mom has to face. Sometimes I wish I had the luxury of staying at home with my girls, but I really don't. But one day I will. All I can do is cling on to that glimmer of hope.

I interviewed someone last night and even though she seemed nice, something in my heart told me otherwise. I do not if it's because it is a risk I have to take or just plain old mommy instincts. You hear stories everywhere about babysitting and yes nanny cams would be my best option but until what extent? I would just drive myself crazy. Everyone tells me everything will be okay. Trust me, I will give any day as today instead of them being worse. But tough times are tough times and this is def. one of them.

I only ask that the Lord help us decide whats best for our girls. Anderson and I are at wits ends right now but thank God we have each other to go through this with. It will get easier and there will hopefully be a solution to our problem soon! I HOPE!!! Until then, we have to hang tight and hope for the best!!!!