Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Walk and Swing!

Saturday, July 18th was the first time I took my girls on the swing. I've been dying to take them to the park and put them on the swings but being a working mom is hard. I took advantage of the fact that Anderson was coaching a baseball game and my bff Lanny came by with JoJo. We put all babies on the swings and it was great. My girls were so happy that I got emotional. This time last year my girls were in the hospital so seeing their smiles and how they loves the swing melted my heart!!!! I've been blessed with the most amazing babies in the world.

Then, here it goes, Monday, July 20th 2009 (LOL) Adryana took her first steps. She's not a full walker yet but she's a walker nonetheless. It was sooo amazing. Anderson walked in the door and decided to walk around the house with her by holding both her hands. He let go and all of a sudden she took three steps towards me. I couldn't believe it. She left me amazed (they always do).

As a parent, these are the moments we always remember. These are the moments we cherish forever. These moments are the events we wish we can experience again when are children are all grown up. These are the times in when I wish they can be babies forever. Unfortunately thats not the case. So all we can do is enjoy THAT moment. The precise time in which they make you feel utter joy all over. The time in which you remember that you have been blessed to have such beautiful gifts from above. So those moments bring me back to reality and make me realize that all the hard work I went through was DEF. WORTH IT!!!!



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bottle is the word!!!

My fellow readers,

Addyson Michaela does not seem to amaze me! She kept repeating the word "bottle" everytime I said it!! Who knew!!!

I was so shocked as I was sitting down watching the All Star game last night, I would always hear her say something like "badam". But once I held her bottle in my hand she kept saying the same word. When I said "bottle", my darling little girl repeated "bottle". To my amazement, she's been saying this for the past two weeks and her sitter did not tell me anything.

These are things I wish I was home for. Times like this leads me to desire to be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I am not in no financial capacity to do so. I wish I was. I need to hurry up and win the LOTTO quick.

I am so proud of my girls. I'm amazed every moment I'm with them. I thank God each moment for blessing my girls and our family!!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Awaited Project!

OK so you have to give it to me....having twins at home is a pretty difficult task. But is def. no excuse whatsoever. I've pretty busy since my vacation in Dominican Republic (which by the way was not my best trip). But I def. need to keep record of what my girls are doing. I always say this but I want to start scrapbooking. I've bought the books and all the supplies, I just have to START!!!! I read other blogs and how moms are so devoted in keeping track of all the milestones their children are doing and it kinda makes me feel bad I do not do the same for Addy and Adryana. But I've decided I must do it!!! WATCH ME!!!!!
Here is the update on the girls:
Addyson is now 13 pounds and learning to sit on her own. I know she's already 12 months but for a preemie her size, she is doing exceptionally well. I can't wait to post a video of her from Sunday night. This little girl is just like her momma. We got home in the late evening and on my block there were some people blasting very Spanish music ( I mean Perico Ripiao non stop). So my darling daughter saw me trying to dance and then she starts swaying side to side in her playpen with RHYTHM! This was the cutest thing I have ever seen her do!!!! Besides smile at momma all the time.
Adryana was 18 pounds at her last check up and she is crawling and pulling herself to standup everywhere!!!!!! She def. has a personality of a diva! Wanting to do her own thing. Just last night she just kept playing with my face. Giving me kisses. I cannot believe that day is here. The day I've longed for since they were born. The day my daughters would give ME kisses.

Overall, everything is going well. Off to my work!!!!!