Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Walk and Swing!

Saturday, July 18th was the first time I took my girls on the swing. I've been dying to take them to the park and put them on the swings but being a working mom is hard. I took advantage of the fact that Anderson was coaching a baseball game and my bff Lanny came by with JoJo. We put all babies on the swings and it was great. My girls were so happy that I got emotional. This time last year my girls were in the hospital so seeing their smiles and how they loves the swing melted my heart!!!! I've been blessed with the most amazing babies in the world.

Then, here it goes, Monday, July 20th 2009 (LOL) Adryana took her first steps. She's not a full walker yet but she's a walker nonetheless. It was sooo amazing. Anderson walked in the door and decided to walk around the house with her by holding both her hands. He let go and all of a sudden she took three steps towards me. I couldn't believe it. She left me amazed (they always do).

As a parent, these are the moments we always remember. These are the moments we cherish forever. These moments are the events we wish we can experience again when are children are all grown up. These are the times in when I wish they can be babies forever. Unfortunately thats not the case. So all we can do is enjoy THAT moment. The precise time in which they make you feel utter joy all over. The time in which you remember that you have been blessed to have such beautiful gifts from above. So those moments bring me back to reality and make me realize that all the hard work I went through was DEF. WORTH IT!!!!



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