Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bottle is the word!!!

My fellow readers,

Addyson Michaela does not seem to amaze me! She kept repeating the word "bottle" everytime I said it!! Who knew!!!

I was so shocked as I was sitting down watching the All Star game last night, I would always hear her say something like "badam". But once I held her bottle in my hand she kept saying the same word. When I said "bottle", my darling little girl repeated "bottle". To my amazement, she's been saying this for the past two weeks and her sitter did not tell me anything.

These are things I wish I was home for. Times like this leads me to desire to be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I am not in no financial capacity to do so. I wish I was. I need to hurry up and win the LOTTO quick.

I am so proud of my girls. I'm amazed every moment I'm with them. I thank God each moment for blessing my girls and our family!!!


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