Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Beginning!!!

I am starting this blog to keep record of all the memories of my girls. My girls story recap is....they were born on Thursday May 22, 2008. Addyson was born at 9:12pm weighing in 1lb 9oz. Adryana was born at 9:15pm weighing in at 2lb 12oz. I went through alot being my first pregnancy. But I will go into details much later. so far my girls are ok. They did go their ups and downs at the NICU but are doing well presently. At their last doctor's appointment about a month ago Addy weighed 11lbs and Adryana 15lbs. They just turned eight months last Thursday. I am very grateful for my girls each and every day bc not many people have the luxury of having their babies home (two at that!!). Well I am at work right now but when I have a moment later on tonight I will write. xoxoxo!!!! Mommy Abreu!!!!