Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wed, February 11, 2009-March for Dimes

I'm very to announce that I started a team by the name of "Team Addyson and Adryana" to walk at the March of Dimes on Sunday, April 26th at 8am. I decided to this like a way of giving back on how blessed I am to have my beautiful girls. I am also walking for those other preemies who are fighting for their lives. Imagine that us as adults struggle with so much, can you imagine a preemie with no life experiences fighting for their own life the day they are born??? Tough right??? It's def. no walk in the park. So why don't you join me!!! Walk with me!!! Let's get together and support those babies who need us to fight for them as well. Never in my life I thought I would have a preemie. Never in my life I thought I would have twins. But never in my life would I regret going through what I went through for my girls. My girls went through a lot and fought for my family and I. They fought to share each moment with us. Therefore, Addy and Nana thank you!! Thank you for fighting for Mami, Papi, Abuelos Banegas, Abuelos Abreu, Titi/Nina Onix, Tio Joey, Nicky, Gabe, Rocky, Tanina Angi, Tio Louie, Chris, Timo, Baby Shrimp, Tio Jay, Nina/Titi Jocey....the list can go on an on........But thank you girls!! You've truly blessed our lives!!!!

LETS WALK!!! In honor of Addyson and Adryana! and those premature babies who need our prayers and help!!!


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