Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you do not know me than you will not know what I had to go through to have my girls here. Many preemie parents will understand the difficulty of having a preemie child. I'm a 24 year old college graduate with a strong family foundation and a girl that has everything going for her. I met Anderson (my fiancee) my freshman year at NYU. I have four beautiful nephews that ultimately were like my sons. Therefore, I really saw no rush in having children anytime soon. Anderson and I moved out and we enjoyed our time going here, there and everywhere. We were at a point in October 2007 that we were arguing about everything, then boom I came out pregnant. Was it surprise? IT DEF. WAS!!! Was I ready? DEF. NOT! But in my heart I said to myself if God is giving me this child because He thinks I am ready. I was scared of the fact that I how I would support my child. I do not have any school loans (thanks to my mom who earned tuition remission being a former employee at NYU) but was in deep credit card debt. And then another SURPRISE! I WAS TOLD I WAS HAVING TWINS!!!!! I went from everything to throwing up all day and night throughout my whole pregnancy, in and out of the hospital, being placed on bed rest, Pre-Eclampsia, and finally my daughters being born at 28 weeks 4 days. As I write this I am amazed how I held everything together. But thanks to my family and Anderson we made it through. Now Addy and Nana (Adryana) are home and healthy as can be. Sometimes I forget to give thanks but Lord knows I am thankful. There are many people out there who wished their babies were home with them and those are the people I pray for everynight.

For those reasons, I want to spend every minute with my girls and if I go out its with family for a few hours and at that I feel awful leaving my girls behind. Anderson tells me I need to have my own time. But my girls are my own time. Every second I spend with my girls is a blessing. Every smile, every touch, every cry is a blessing to my life. I am very grateful!! Writing this brings tears of joy to my eyes because I am blessed to be a Mother to Addyson and Adryana!!

To My Girls:

I am starting this blog for you! For you both to see what Mommy felt. As a mom, I want to provide you with the best of everything. Addy and Nana I love you and am thankful for every moment with you. Even those dirty diaper changes that me and Papi toss coins to see who will be changing it next. I love you very much!! Que Dios te bendiga hoy y siempre mis hijas!!

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