Thursday, February 5, 2009


Forgot to mention Addy is getting Occupational Therapy (OT) now. The Occupational Therapist's name is Anne and she is great. Fatima (my babysitter) only speaks Spanish and Anne (Caucasian) speaks better Spanish than me and I'm of Honduran decent. GO FIGURE!! Anne says Addy is amazing. The only thing she is small in size but she sees no developmental delays in Addy which is music to my ears. Addy is also getting Physical Therapy (PT) which has shown much improvement in Addyson. Adryana is sitting almost on her own and I'm amazed on each action they make. Tomorrow is a big day. They will be getting their ears pierced!!! I'm soo nervous that I have asked my mother to go along with Anderson and I because I cannot be in the room while that happens. So wish us luck.


P.S. My older sister Angi is having a BOY!!!! She is currently 20 weeks!!! I'm soo happy!!!

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