Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Kayleigh

Everyone please pray for Kayleigh
who is not doing so well at the moment. My heart goes out to Adam and Aimee and the rest of their family. Kayleigh is currently brain dead and the doctors are losing hope. Please Lord bless that family. Be with the family at this moment Lord.

I've been following Kayleigh blog since December and she reminds me so much of my Addyson.
Kalyeigh was born 1 pound and she looked so much like my Addy. Kayleigh's has gone through it all but I ask all of you to pray for her. She is a reason along with my girls that I have such strong faith. Their family is a perfect example of how faith can be tested and her family never loses it. Lord pass your beloved hand over her. From head to toe. Heal her Lord, give her the strength she needs to keep going. Let the doctors see hope in Kayleigh. Let them give her a fighting chance once again.

Kayleigh, I'm walking this Sunday in the March of Dimes. I'm walking in your honor and my twin girls as well. God is good and He will not give you something you cannot handle. I have faith I will see your eyes open again!!!!!



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