Monday, April 20, 2009

Giving Back

Always in the back of my mind I wanted to give back....since the Lord was good with me and my girls. Never once did I doubt God in what I went through with my girl. Not once did I say "why me?". Not once did I regret the sacrifices I made for my girls, since I knew they went through a lot more to be here with me. Therefore, it's my turn to give back.

Two weeks before I gave birth, Anderson and I were anxiously looking for a two bedroom apartment. It was very difficult for us to look for one since I was in the hospital for most of my pregnancy. Once I got out everything fell into place and we found a beautiful two bedroom apartment in a private house with great owners. It was hard to get to know the owners because I gave birth two weeks later. My owner Karina came to see me in the hospital as soon as I gave birth and boy I have never met a person with so much faith (besides my parents of course). Karina had a son whom she lost at the age of 8 months. Karina told me all her son went through but never in my life I would have thought that she lost a child. Karina told me that day in the hospital "Have faith Jacci , your girls are healthy all they need to do is grow". She went on to tell me the whole story of her son Isaiah. Which leads me to telling you my new adventure.

Isaiah was at rehabilitation center in Bayside, NY called St. Mary's Children's Hospital. There were many children there who's parents would not go visit for whatever reasons they have. Therefore, I would like to go visit those children who do not have family visit them on a daily basis. Life can be busy but one smile to a child can make their day. There's is no limit on how much love a child needs. I know you must be thinking how can she volunteer have twin girls at home. My answer to you....I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! An hour, two hours, or 4 hours a week cannot hurt anyone. It's called a good deed. I feel God was sooo good to us. Through the good and bad He was ALWAYS BY OUR SIDE. It's sad to know there are babies who's families have given up on them. Not giving them a fighting chance or families who have children at home and wish they had someone to keep their child accompanied so they will not feel alone. When I use to leave my girls at 1am everyday from the hospital I would always feel my heart go crumbling to piece (I know I can be dramatic) but thats how I felt. Imagine the baby?

Babies feel everything!!!!!!! They say it take one person to make a difference. It's going to start with me!



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