Saturday, May 2, 2009

March of Dimes Walk 09

THE WALK WAS AMAZING!!!! The majority of family were there bright and early to walk in honor of my girls. My sister who is 32 weeks pregnant (with swollen feet and all) walked the whole 3 miles. Poor girl! By the time we were half way there she was determined and did not want to stop. Wobbling and all! But for me the walk was very emotional. I reminisced with one of my good college friends Susana about the whole experience I have with my girls. I spoke to her about Kayleigh and other NICU babies who are not as fortunate to have an easy transition out of the NICU. Lately, I've been thinking about Kayleigh and her family. Still no good update on Kayleigh, honestly I'm praying to God for a miracle because I do believe in miracles. As for my darling girls, there are doing well. Adryana and Addy got their first TWO teeth! Adryana is very vocal now a days. She tells you to come to her with her hands and says "come" in Spanish which is "ven". HOW CUTE IS THAT! Addy is learning to sit more on her own and loves her bath time. She fights when we take her out of her tub. TOO FUNNY! Here are some pics from our walk and our girls first time in NYC Subway!

Adryana with my sister Onix in the Subway!!
Addy with her Mickey on the Subway

Onix with Addyson

Grandma Ines (Anderson's Mother) with her friend Maria

Susana and Onix

Addy and her Daddy (Anderson)

Thanks to Everyone who sponsored Team Addyson and Adyana!!!

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